Forró Classes

Forró Academy’s ground-breaking forró classes in London have been carefully designed to help you develop the skills to dance the two most popular styles of forró (universitário and roots) — and to merge them to create a rich and dynamic style of your own.

Forró Classes – Timetable

Below is a timetable of Forró Academy’s forró dance classes in London. Most of our classes take place in Islington and Vauxhall, and we’re also able to arrange private forró lessons for individuals or couples in other parts of London.

SaturdayBeginner2.30-3.30pmThe Dang (Islington)Book Now
SaturdayLower Intermediate3.30-4.30pmThe Dang (Islington)Book Now
SundayBeginner7.00-8.00pmTia Maria (Vauxhall)Book Now
SundayLower Intermediate7.30-8.30pmTia Maria (Vauxhall)Book Now
SundayForró Social/Party
(live music and DJ set)
8.30pm+Tia Maria (Vauxhall)
(various levels)
7.45-9.15pmSt Mary’s (Islington)Book Now
MondayDance Practice9.15-9.45pmSt Mary’s (Islington)
ThursdayBeginner7.00-8.00pmThe Dang (islington)Book Now
ThursdayLower Intermediate7.30-8.30pmThe Dang (Islington)Book Now
ThursdayForró Social/Party
(DJ set)
8.30pm+The Dang (Islington)
New Students

We have a detailed forró dance curriculum for students of all levels – from complete beginners through to advanced dancers with many years of experience. Further information about the various class levels at Forró Academy can be found here.

All new students should initially join one of our beginner or lower intermediate forró classes. During your first class your level will be assessed and our teachers will recommend the most suitable class for you.


The drop-in price for our classes is £12.50 per person (for a one-hour class). We also have a monthly membership scheme which offers cost savings and other benefits for students who regularly attend our classes.


Do you have a question about Forró Academy’s classes? If so, please check out our FAQs page, or feel free to contact us.

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