What styles of forró do you teach?

We teach the two most popular styles of forró: universitário and roots. Our classes are designed to enable our students to master both styles and to combine them during their dances.

What level should I attend?

Our classes are carefully structured so that students can progress. There are 4 levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. When you attend your first class our teachers will determine your level and place you in an appropriate class.

When can I move to the next level?

Assessments normally take place every three months. If you feel you would like to change your level between assessments, you can speak to one of our teachers.

What shoes should I wear?

Comfortable flat shoes are best.

Do I need to bring a partner to the class?

No – the majority of our students come to the classes alone.

Are there any age limits to dancing?

The classes are for 18 year olds and over. There is no upper limit!

Further questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any additional questions or require further information.

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