About Us

Forró Academy is a Brazilian dance school based in London. We offer a unique and innovative programme of forró dance classes.

Who we are

Our teachers

Gino is the founder of and lead teacher at Forró Academy. He has been dancing for over 15 years, initially training as a flamenco dancer, which enabled him to develop a solid individual technique.

In recent years, Gino has focused on partner dances, particularly forró, which he was drawn to because of the diversity and richness of the music and the creative possibilities of forró as a dance form.

Gino has studied with some of the leading forró dancers in Brazil and around Europe, absorbing the two main styles of forró (roots and universitário) over many years and forging a unique style that combines the two.

Through Forró Academy, Gino aims to share his passion for forró with his students, and to help them become confident and skilled dancers.

Our students

Our school has a great community of students of all ages and from different walks of life, who come together each week to share the joy of Brazilian music, dance and culture.

Where we are

Forró Academy’s forró dance classes and parties take place in north and south London, Islington and Vauxhall respectively.

How to contact us

Have a question about Forró Academy’s classes? Please check out our FAQs page, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information… or simply want to say hello!

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